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Corey Brown - Black doctor in Denver CO

Corey Brown

Natural Flow of Life Acupuncture and Herbs
(720) 443-0316
(720) 443-0316



About Corey Brown

Corey Brown is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana. He is a Licensed Acupuncturists in Denver Colorado. His journey into this awesome world of Chinese Medicine began years ago. He initially took the path of becoming a Western medical doctor as helping people was always a passion of his. Growing up, he always took interest into natural healing remedies such as the healing effects of certain teas and herbs. He would do countless research and reading on the benefits and healing of natural foods and teas. It was always a passion deep down within him for knowledge of holistic healing, but he didn't know how he would be able to utilize a holistic approach in the model of Western Medicine which doesn't primarily focus on holistic healing. He didn't desire to be a physician that only treated the branch (symptoms) of diseases and not focus on the root (cause) of the diseases.

Fast forward years later, a mentor of his who is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine recommended that he look into Traditional Chinese Medicine as it fit into the kind of holistic approach that he always had wanted to have as a healer. With hesitancy, he gathered some books and started to read up on the history and philosophy of Chinese medicine and also how it compares to Western medicine. His mind was immediately blown away and something inside of him just clicked and said this is it! This is exactly the kind of approach that he had always envisioned himself being as a healer. He immediately pursued the process of studying Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine which involved him moving to Denver, Colorado to start a Masters program in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Through the years in his Masters program, he got countless confirmations that he had chosen the right path and had finally found his purpose as a healer. When a patient would come back and say that their symptoms had improved or disappeared, he would get so excited that he would have to compose himself most of the time. He also has gotten so much relief from chronic health issues that he suffered with for years through acupuncture, Chinese herbal therapy, and dietary changes. He is so excited to be able to share this knowledge of healing with the world and focus on treating and helping those that seek his gifts of healing.


Colorado, United States Licensed for 2 Years 9 Months Jun 2021 2 Years 9 Months Jun 2021




Colorado Chinese Medicine University Masters Traditional Chinese Medicine 2020
University of New Orleans Bachelors Biological Sciences 2016
University of Louisiana - Lafayette Bachelors Biology 2013


Black Acupuncturist Association Member 2020
Acupuncture Association of Colorado Member 2017
American Society of Acupuncturists Member 2017


Primary Office Location

pin 4875 E Evans Ave, Suite 102 Denver CO 80222

pin (720) 443-0316

Social Media

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